Northwest Indiana, 6564 Pan Am Drive, Portage, IN 46368

Partnering With Parents

You and Your Children Are the Reason We Are Here

Building a trusting relationship is so important to the success of supporting your child. We work to create a culture of respect and healthy communication. Dedicated to children and to you, their parents, we are committed to the following:

  • Promoting honesty and transparency in parent/child/teacher relationships by building a partnership with parents; recognizing that they are the primary teachers of their children.
  • Building each child 's self-esteem and pride in their individual qualities that make them special through respect, love and education.
  • Continuing education for staff members to develop new ideas from current research on early childhood development. By always staying up to date, we are able to do what is best for children and parents by nurturing a love of learning and realizing that learning never ends.
  • Working to help children develop their self-discipline and social skills to prepare them for successful futures.
  • Giving parents an opportunity to work, but to also know their children are in a safe, fun filled, educational environment while they do.

Owner: Suzanne Wabuda

Director: Angela Knight


Brightwheel provides families with a convenient digital platform to receive updates on your child's day, photos, and personal messages from our teachers.

Clean Environment Inside and Out

Our classrooms and playgrounds are routinely sanitized in order to maintain the healthiest and happiest child care center. We follow all State guidelines pertaining to materials and equipment used.


We strive for healthy communication between parents/guardians and our staff where we are able to openly share with one another. You want to know what your child did each day and we want you to give us feedback. Listening and understanding each other is so important.

First Day Tips

Visit our child care center prior to your child’s first day to give your child a chance to meet their teachers, our staff and become acquainted with our center. This will make separating on the first day a bit easier for all of us. 

To help us all stay on track, please label all of your child’s personal belongings.

In addition to the list of paperwork, each child must provide the following:

  • toothbrush in a plastic holder
  • hairbrush or comb in a sealed baggie
  • small blanket and pillow for nap time
  • change of clothing (underwear, socks, pants, shirt, shoes)
  • unopened diapers/pull-ups, wipes, diaper ointment, if applicable


Nondiscrimination Statement

We are an equal opportunity provider.

Child and Adult Care Food Program

This child care center participates in the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP), a Federal program that provides healthy meals and snacks to children receiving child care.

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